Season 1:


Catch a spooky Halloween Ghoulie in the first Ghoulie Gang drop!

October 25th at 8PM UTC/4PM EST on Solana.

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Ghoulies debuted as 22 1-of-1 hand-drawings created by @ghoulareyou on the Ethereum blockchain.

Those originals inspired the Ghoulie Gang's generatively unique Halloween season from over 200+ hand-drawn traits. All Ghoulies are rare and some spawns are more uncommon than others but each ghoulie has its own personality.

Open source

Ghoulies are stored as SPL tokens on the Solana blockchain and on Arweave. We use QuickNode as our dedicated RPC provider to scale and handle high amounts of traffic without rate limits. We use Candy Machine for our smart contract. Candy Machine helps us and you to have fair mints. This protects us from over collection and pre-launch minting malfunctions.

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Ghoulie Gang was created by five internet friends who became wanderers in the strange universe of DeFi. We'd like to help build the world we want to live in.


Always Raiding. Modern-Day Doodler.


Synth-Wave Simp. Discord Architect.


Candy Maxi.
Not Your Average Dad.


DeFi Immigrant. Don’t Panic!


Apps To Dapps. Good Vibes Only.

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